DER Services

Designated Engineering Representative (PCP-ANAC)*

  • An engineer who may act as an independent consultant PCP to approve, or recommend approval of, technical data and major repairs.
  • Make compliance findings of engineering data with appropriate airworthiness standards.
  • SkyZulpo can issue ANAC's Form F-101-06 which approves the technical data. This Form is equivalent to FAA Form 8110-3 (DER) or Form 8100-9 (OEM) and is also accepted by EASA through bilateral agreement. 
The scope of the designation is STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING with delegation for:
  • Aircraft Repair Design and modifications.
  • Stress Analysis (Static, Fatigue & DTA).
  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA).
  • Material and Process Specifications (composites, metallic and nonmetallic materials).
  • Service Documents (Service Bulletin, SRM,...).
  • All airframe articles such as wing, fuselage, empennage, landing gear, flight controls, engine mounts, and doors.
Approval of repairs and technical data of:
  • Aircrafts with Brazilian registration or;
  • Aircrafts with foreign registration but with a type design approved by ANAC (Embraer aircrafts).
DER Structures since 2014, has obtained more than 400 major repair approvals


Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) - DOA AIRWORTHINESS ENGINEER – EASA - 2015


MRO Designated Chief-Inspector - ANAC and FAA (2DXY145B) - 2008

Designated Engineering Representative (DER)

This is an individual who holds an engineering degree or equivalent, possesses the necessary technical knowledge and experience, and meets specific qualification requirements. DER’s are very specialized and are given authorizations to perform approvals of the data (instructions) used to make certain modifications or repairs to aircraft.

* The PCP designation is the equivalent to FAA DER in the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC).


Engineering Services

Aircraft Structural Repairs and Stress Analysis
  • Development of Aircraft Structural Repairs.
  • Stress analysis of repairs for aircraft structural damages.
  • Static, fatigue and damage tolerance analysis using FEM and analytical methods of major repairs and fleet repairs implemented on SRM.
  • STC Modification and Service Bulletin engineering support.
  • Metallic design repairs based on equivalent strength / stiffness and fatigue durability.
  • Composite design repair and analysis.
  • Design and Approval of structural repairs and modifications (minor and major).
  • Technical dispositions, which include design and structural repairs, allowable damages and alternative materials/procedures of metallic and composite materials.
Aircraft Maintenance Manuals
  • Development of structural repairs for Structural Repair Manual (SRM).
  • Development of maintenance procedures and resource analysis (technicians, equipment & tooling, materials, labors, skills, etc.) of Maintenance Manuals.
  • Validation of maintenance procedures and identification of the non-conformity points, considering improved solutions to minimize the cost of maintenance.


Success depends on it.

  • Training on Aircraft Structural Repair - Design and Analysis.
  • Aircraft Structures - Familiarization.
  • Structural Repair Manual (Embraer ERJ 170/190 SRM training).
  • Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Manuals.

Maintenance Consultancy and AOG Services

Aviation repair, inspection, planning and maintenance needs.

Extensive experience in heavy structural repairs and modifications and heavy interiors repairs and modifications.
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Representation.
  • Aircraft Inspections and Regulatory Review.
  • Aircraft Records and Regulatory reviews.
  • Aircraft Lease Returns.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Program and Task Cards.
  • Repair Station Manual Developing (Part 145).
  • Specialists in Aviation Regulations.
  • RAMS.
No matter where the AOG occurs - our Field Repair Team is working nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support you on-site.
  • Field Repair Team (Anywhere, Anytime), specialized in structural repairs for cracks, dents, bird strikes, lightning strikes, extensive corrosion damage, ground vehicles and baggage carts impact.
  • On-call Maintenance.
  • On-call AOG Support.
  • Extensive Troubleshooting and Repairs.
  • Borescope and NDT Services.
  • Components Removal and Replacement.
  • AOG Materials support.