SkyZulpo - Aerospace Engineering and Aircraft Services

Through years of industry experience SkyZulpo - Aerospace Engineering and Aircraft Services has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the importance of the technical, commercial and financial aspects of any aircraft maintenance event.

SkyZulpo is an engineering services company dedicated to providing repair and certification solutions in the aviation industry, with a high level of quality and punctuality, seeking to exceed the expectations of customers.

Our highly skilled aerospace engineers are serious about solving challenging problems and meeting tight deadlines from design to certification by providing turnkey solutions for both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft.

Our customers are airlines of all sizes, repair stations, aircraft lessors/sellers, MRO companies, aircraft operators and private groups.

Our team has extensive experience on design, structural analysis, and certification of structural repairs and modifications for Commercial, Executive and Military aircraft.

25 years of experience approving over 10,000 small and large aircraft repairs on various aircraft types including Boeing B727, B737 (all Series) and B757; Airbus A320 Family; Embraer 120/145/170/190 and E-Jets E2; Lockheed C-130 Hercules and Cessna Caravan.


Some examples of work already carried out:

  1. Aircraft with damage not covered by SRM (Structural Repair Manual) or that has exceeded the allowable limits of the manual.
  2. Approval of alternative material used in structural repair.
  3. Installation of antennas and other equipment in the fuselage.
  4. Approval for structure modifications to install Galleys, Bulkheads, Wardrobes, Overhead bins and lavatories.
  5. Approval for deviations in process and material specifications (Composites, Metallic and non-metallic).
  6. Training in: SRM, Aircraft Structural Repair – Design and Analysis, Aircraft Structures – Familiarization.
  7. Damage assessment after incidents.
  8. Major repair approval for repetitive damage with previously approved data, that is, a repair that was applied in a specific aircraft SN and now needs to be applied again in another SN.
    • If the airline has a previously approved data (for example, a structural repair approved by OEM or FAA-DER), after to evaluate all differences, deviations, inclusions, and exclusions between the original use of the data and the current one (new aircraft SN), it is possible to release a Form F-200-06 in few minutes.
  9. Specific repairs not covered by OEMs. We have extensive experience in approving repairs and damage not covered by manufacturers (C&D, Safran, Leonardo, Alenia, Goodrich, UTAS, Collins,...), mainly in interiors (Galleys, wardrobes, floor panels, Bulkheads) and composite fairings (fairings, cowlings, access panels,...).